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With countless feature options, it’s easy to get carried away and end up with an expensive website that’s difficult to maintain. But there’s no reason you need to go into this blind. At Status Forward, we hear your business needs and translate them into a plan for a lean, effective website. Save time, money, and look like a genius by managing a successful website redesign process.

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THESE AMAZING ORGANIZATIONS MADE a plan for success before redesigning their websites.

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Your website is an investment. Investments should pay off.

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Develop templates that make it easy to keep your site up to date.

Ensure your site is search engine friendly

Rank higher for keywords that bring in high-quality traffic.

Build consistency in your brand

Make sure your new website works in harmony with your other marketing materials.

Ensure your website is ADA compliant

An accessible website helps every user have a great experience.

Be the hero who tamed the web beast

Hit your goals while keeping your project on-time and on-budget.



Common Questions

Who needs a website plan?
A website plan is a great investment for companies who want to avoid spending $20K - $200K on a website that doesn't convert. A website plan can also provide guidance if you're planning on reworking your website in-house.
What is the full process like? It can’t be as simple as three quick steps…
Clearly, you're going to get more for your $1895 than a questionnaire, a meeting, and a document. Along the way, we perform an in-depth audit into your current website's design, set up, and search rankings to recommend the best path forward for you. We also take a look at your brand identity to make sure your words and images are consistent with what you're trying to accomplish. This research is critical to creating your unique website plan, but it's something we do internally while you're tending to important matters.

The steps above represent your path to a successful redesign. It's our job to fill in the blanks with the expert technical work.
Do you also build my new website?
No. This step is an investment in making sure your redesigned website helps you hit real, measurable business goals.

Once you have a plan for your new website, we are happy to provide a proposal for executing design, development, and ongoing support. Many of our website planning clients hire us for the build-out, but it's certainly not a requirement.
When is payment due?
We invoice for full payment ($1895) once we have agreed on a kickoff date. Once your payment has processed, we are good to go to plan for your successful redesign.

Thinking about redesigning your website, but you’re not sure if it’s the right move at the right time?

Download our tested framework:

10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Redesigning Your Website